Saturday, December 10, 2005

Internet Statistics

Usage Up & Portals: hot commodity

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, "Search engines have become an increasingly important part of the online experience of American internet users." On average, nearly 60 million people use search engines daily. This represents a sharp just over this past year where the total number of people using search engines on an average day has jumped from roughly 38 million - an increase of roughly 55%, according to an Emarketer report. The company also recently released results of a study on Internet Portal usage and thanks to robust demand for online advertising, a broadband audience hungry for multimedia applications and an increasingly confident population of online shoppers, portals are hot properties again.

Measured by sheer size of audience, Yahoo continues to be the number one site on the Web, according to data from Nielsen NetRatings. MSN, Google and AOL trail Yahoo in terms of unique audience. During the week ended September 4, 2005, nearly half of all Internet users logged on to Yahoo and all of the Big Four portals had an active reach of more than 30% of all Internet users. This audience build up is having impact on many other industries. For example, AOL and Yahoo are the leading online music destinations - and AOL has partnered with iTunes and MusicNet to create a free and paid music service. News is one of the core content areas of the Internet, and as with music (and video), portals have captured the largest audience for news among the online audience. Yahoo! and MSNBC top the list.

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