Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Nielsen Outdoor's Npod

What’s an Npod?
Outdoor Advertising ratings took a major step forward earlier this month with the public release of data from Nielsen Outdoors' outdoor ratings service in Chicago. The company, which is well known for its ratings for TV and radio, has been testing a mobile phone-size gizmo it calls the Npod, or Nielsen Personal Outdoor Device. The unit uses the satellite-based global positioning system to track the wearers' locations, and Nielsen matches their courses of travel with a coded map of 12,000 outdoor-ad units in the area. The data, which does not provide board-by-board detail, provided persons-level demographic about exposure, which could be used in reach and frequency schedules.

As outdoor advertising business continues to surge, the industry has been working to develop a ratings service that would put the outdoor medium on the same playing field with other forms of media. Certainly no surprise to industry insiders, the Chicago test showed that outdoor, one of the fastest growing media other than the Internet, is less cluttered than the electronic media with the average adult exposed on average to 40 outdoor messages per day. Among all demographic groups, men 35-54 had the highest exposure to outdoor advertising with an average of 54 exposures to outdoor advertising per day. Among women, 18-34 year olds led all other female groups with 39 exposures per day. Not surprising, exposure to outdoor advertising peaks during morning and evening commutes.Links: SMM Past Post 12/11 – Outdoor Advertising Surge, ACNielsen – Measuring the Great Outdoors, Chicago Tribune – Nielsen views billboards as ratings source, MediaWeek Dec 06 - Nielsen Outdoor Results

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