Sunday, December 11, 2005

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising upsurge

I do my best to say abreast to all sectors of the Advertising industry because I enjoy spotting tends and studying how they effect each other. In the resent past the Outdoor Advertising business has been witnessing a lot of sizable growth. The leading companies in this group are Viacom, Clear Channel and Lamar. On Tuesday evening I caught a quick segment as Jim Cramer was commenting on the business, “Billboards are making a comeback” he said on his "Mad Money" CNBC show, and he is Bullish on Lamar Advertising.

“Lamar has ad space on billboards, buses, bus shelters and benches all places you can't miss, Cramer noted. Because of the increase in the use of digital video recorders such as TiVo, advertisers are moving away from TV advertising. Other forms of advertising, such as the Internet and billboards, are gaining share.
You can't TiVo a billboard," he said.

Lamar is adding digital billboards, which allow it to show multiple ads on one space and should increase sales. And Nielson is coming out with a rating system (more on this soon) for billboard advertising, Cramer said, which should make advertisers more comfortable as the can quantify the effectiveness of their ads. Enhancements and dropping cost on digital printing, flat panel displays and emerging technologies like electronic paper displays (see E Ink) will also revolutionize this industry in the not to distant future. Links: Lamar Advertising Company, OAAA’s – History of Outdoor Advertising

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