Friday, December 23, 2005

Power to the Viewer

December 2005 – The Turning point

The shift of advertising dollars from passive, broadcast media to interactive and on-demand media is taking place at a faster clip than earlier shifts from radio to network TV or from network TV to cable.
For those companies that didn’t get it a year ago, let’s hope that they get it now. Consumers are finally in control of content: they are creating it, consuming it and retransmitting it. Very soon, just about every type of content is going to be sliced, diced and presented to consumers in whatever format they want, whenever they want it, wherever they want it." In the coming year there will be an increased push to customize content for VOD and the broadband platform with the question still to be answered: Just how best do we monetize these new assets in the digital marketplace.
Adweek 12/19/05 – They want the world, and They want it now

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