Monday, January 23, 2006

$7.2 Million Fine for Gambling Ads

‘Sporting News’ Fined $7.2 Million for Gambling Ads.

I rarely comment on print advertising in my postings however this one has deep repercussions that could have an affect on many of your businesses. Turner Networks, Regional Sports Nets and The Golf Channel are just some of the networks that I am aware of that have openly accepted advertisements from the offshore gaming industry. News Flash!! According to the Justice Department, Sporting News, which is owned by Paul Allen's - Vulcan Ventures, agreed to a $7.2 million settlement with the feds over claims that it helped promote off-shore Internet gambling by running advertisements in its magazine, Web site and radio network between the spring of 2000 and December 2003. The U.S. Attorney's office in St. Louis, Mo. has been cracking down on the ads for the past several years an i June 2003, the JD ent a letter to the Magazine Publishers of America, as well as to many individual magazines, alerting publishers that the ads were illegal.

“The Sporting News was aware that its conduct and the fees it accepted in exchange for its conduct were proceeds of illegal gambling, which was aiding and promoting illegal conduct,” the government said in a statement. The Sporting News is believed to have been the first magazine to be fined although other media companies have also come under scrutiny. Links: ADLAW Jan 30, '06 - Sporting News fined for running Online and Telephone Gambling Ads and Jan 20,’06 Sporting News’ Fined $7.2 Million for Gambling Ads

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