Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Advertising for Google Maps?

A new level for Outdoor Advertising

Satellite mapping is growing in popularity these days. Google Maps leads the race with others in tow and I personally find the products to be semi useful in my travels. MIT Advertising Lab posted a piece about “advertisers discovering the value of Google Maps by placing large ads on their rooftops for those using Google Maps to see”. As an example they show the Target Store (pictured here – and which happens to be in the landing pattern for O’Hare), which has boldly painted the buildings entire roof with their well-recognized logo.

Considering a lot of the Google Maps satellite photos are over 1-2 years old, I think this is Target simply helping emergency services to locate their store and potentially doing a little branding to airline passengers rather than "discovering" the value of rooftop ads. Don’t get me wrong. I think as wireless and general usage for these products grow, this is and idea with solid legs. For now they are just way ahead of their time.
Link: MIT Advertising Lab, Aug 23, 2005 - Advertising with Google Maps

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