Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another Viewpoint on Time Warner

Time Warner should consider cable spinoff

Although corporate raider Carl Icahn may demand it, there's no need for Time Warner to break up, according to this column by Leo Hindery Jr., managing partner of InterMedia Partners, a media-industry private investment firm. But Hindery says Time Warner may want to spin off its cable assets. Read Leo’s perspective at: Business Week, Jan 01, 2006 – Time Warner: No Disassembly Required, Link to Past Post on this topic: SMM, Dec 12, 2005 – Case Makes Case

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  1. I don't recall Icahn suggesting any further break up of Time Warner beyond the cable system spin off. Has Leo provided us with us some valuable insight or rather (as he has always done) just more hot air to keep his name in the press?