Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Competition for XM & Sirius or just another iPod?

iRadio rolled out by Motorola

Motorola has launched iRadio, a subscription music service that lets users download 435 commercial-free radio channels on the computer and transfer them to play on their phones or on car or home stereos. The new service begins to form a new rival to the functionality of handheld XM and Sirius units. Monthly subscription will run between 6-10 dollars a month, depending on the wireless phone service the subscriber uses. Consumers can subscribe to the service by tapping an icon on an iRadio-enabled mobile phone, available through wireless service providers later this year. Cingular and Verizon Wireless (01/06 - see Links) are also planning mobile music download services for this year to compete with the iPod. Sprint Nextel has already launched music download and streaming services. UPDATE 01/06/06 Links: NY Times Jan 6,2005 - Rising Competition in Cellphone Music

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