Friday, January 27, 2006

The End of Television as We Know It

The TV audience is splitting into two distinct groups: traditional, passive viewers and a newer group of active consumers who want content on demand on multiple platforms. This is according to a new study. "The End of Television as We Know It: A Future Industry Perspective" report from IBM Business Consulting Services. The study predicts that, in that time, overall advertising will increase, in part because digital video recorders will increase content consumption. But the DVR will also decrease the demand for traditional spots, as will video-on-demand.

It suggests that today’s media executives should opt for open-standards delivery platforms and engage in innovative pricing and distribution now to avoid losing market share in the future. Not surprisingly from a company with IBM in its name, the report paints a computer-heavy profile of a 2012 advanced-media user whose consumption, says the report, will go "far beyond traditional 'lean back' behavior and constrained content." Read the study for yourself at:
IBM –The End of TV as we Know It, Link: BCBeat Jan 26, ’06 – Blue (tooth) Sky Predictions

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