Saturday, January 14, 2006

GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad a "No Go" with ABC

GoDaddy spot "to racy" for ABC

At virtual sellout and with nervous feelings about Janet’s past “garment malfunction” I guess you too would be selective with the creative you place in the 2006 Super bowl broadcast. Go Daddy would like to advertise in the upcoming Super Bowl game, but has not been able to get any of its ads approved, according to CEO Bob Parsons. The domain registrar's controversial ad in the 2005 Super Bowl (see below for link to video) generated enormous media coverage and web traffic, and kicked off a year of huge growth for the company. "We still don’t know if we are going to advertise in next year’s Super Bowl," Parsons wrote in his weblog. "We’ve been busy working to get an ad approved by the censors at ABC and really haven’t had any luck." ABC has reportedly rejected 9 different proposals from for their Super bowl spot, calling them too racy. The two companies have a verbal agreement to air a spot during the Super Bowl, but no contract. (Pictured: A frame of last year's GoDaddy Super Bowl ad, which aired on Fox and was pulled for the remainder of the broadcast.) Link: MediaPost Jan 13, 2005 - ABC To GoDaddy: Go And Take Your Super Bowl Ad With You, Ok... ok for those of you who must see the 2005 spot - Watch the commercial at


  1. What's worth more? The actual airing of the spot or all the free coverage over the fact that it's not airing?

  2. Does this qualify as guerilla marketing? Regardless, it's genius! Whatever Bob Parsons is drinking, bring me two.