Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Google move into Radio with dMarc Purchase

Death of the rep business as we know it?
If there were any doubt that Google is primarily an advertising company, not a search company, that doubt is eliminated today with the news Google’s purchase of dMarc. dMarc provides an automated advertising solution that puts ad spots on radio. dMarc enables advertisers to pick stations, target demographics, and upload digital content. Sounds like a perfect match and a ready-made entry for Google into the radio industry. Will it form Radio’s future 800-lb. Gorilla? It’s possible that Executives inside the search engine powerhouse see radio as 14,000 candy stores and there is no reason to have a national sales organization like Interep or Katz when this could all be automated.
Many analysts regard see the acquisition as a logical step for Google because major corporate players usually prefer dealing with an ad firm that offers multiple channels such as TV, radio, print and the Internet. There is however, one small hitch - Google would be competing with some of its own biggest buyers.

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