Thursday, January 12, 2006

Google's Personal Home Page for Mobile Phones

Google offers personal home page for mobile phones

Have you taken a test drive of the New Google Local for Mobile? The mapping, directions and bird’s eye view from the available Satellite imagery is quite slick and very handy. Well if you like that here’s another new product that you will soon find to be a useful tool. I’m certain that you will find various version will be offered by numerous web portals and services very soon however first to the market is of course Google.

Jan 12, 2006 Reuters – Google is now letting mobile phone users create a personalized version of the Google home page. The personalization feature, available to most phones developed within the last year, allows those users to conduct Web searches, check Gmail, news headlines, weather and stocks from a central page. Google says the new feature is optimized to work on smaller screens, and enhances the mobile experience by providing a lot of useful information on a single page, as mobile network connections are far slower than the high-speed connections on computers. Analysts say that giving users the ability to program relevant information is "hugely important" for increasing mobile Web usage.
Check it out for yourself at Google Personalized Home. My mind is still spinning with advertising opportunities – SM Link: Reuters -
Google offers personal home page for mobile phones

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