Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Local broadcasters refocus online sales efforts

Local broadcasters nearly doubled their online ad revenue in 2005 and from the conversations that I have had with various GM’s, they are even more focused on Web operations this year. The activity is not only from stations that have redoubled their Internet efforts, but also from many stations that have caught the Internet bug after a decade of ignoring it. According to a special report commissioned by the TVB, Local online advertising (minus paid search) is expected to grow an average of 28 percent this year. The report conducted by Borrell Associates and released today states that in ’05 local TV websites captured just a 6% share of local online dollars with auto and health care representing the majority of revenues. Links: TVB Jan 10, 2006 - New Survey Reveals Local TV has caught the Internet Bug, also Full Report Done by Borrell Associates, Inc. on behalf of the TVB UPDATE Jan 11, TelevisionBusiness Report - TVB Survey - Among Other Finding,the survey reveals

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  1. This shows you how that the impact of broadband and fast PC's are finally starting to enable video content creators and web sites to leverage the web. This bodes well for the burgeoning local online advertising space where T.V. has really struggled as well as the very hot online video ad segment.

    T.V. stations can now sell what are called 'pre-rolls' where they show a T.V. commercial before airing their own local news content. For the first time, local T.V. station web sites have something that local newspaper web sites don't. You can read my post on the topic here http://www.exceler8ion.com/2006/01/13/why-should-i-care-if-local-tv-sites-are-catching-fire/