Monday, January 30, 2006

New Technology for Outdoor Advertising

High Impact – Highly Targeted Outdoor Advertising

In today’s cluttered world it is becoming more and more difficult for marketers to get their messages to standout. Here’s an idea and new product with potential for the Out of Home Advertising Industry. Sacramento, California based Smart Sign Media is a technology-based outdoor marketing & advertising firm specializing in electronically networked digital video signs. They have provided displays for the Las Vegas Convention Center, New York's Times Square and numerous others. They offer a product called “Smar Trak RMS” that enables outdoor advertisers to capture, real-time demographic information on motorists passing their signs. The sensors installed in their digital video advertising panels monitor the passive signals emitted by the FM radios and when the data is commingled with a separate Media Audit database, it provides detailed an instantaneous demographic and purchasing info.

Recently the company signed into a partnership with Simon Brand Ventures to provide outdoor digital signage to many of Simon Malls' 300 shopping centers across the United States. The deal will provide exterior signs strategically situated at major thoroughfares adjacent to the malls. The video and LED panels include the RMS technology and will adjust advertising messages to specific consumer demographics. In the near-term future Smart Sign states that the network will also enable consumers to interact with advertisers to receive promotional offers and coupons via mobile phones.

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