Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ratings System for TV Commercials

Nielsen, MediaCheck & IAG Provide Ratings for TV Commercials

At last there are research products (real life vs. Focus Groups) that will help marketers determine how effective their television commercials are. Advertisers have expressed their desire for an accurate commercial measurement source for years, yet the requests seem to fall on deaf ears in the research community. In mid 2004 Nielsen Media announced it was developing a system that would help answer these questions and on Thursday they signed their first clients to the new minute-by-minute data service. Both The Weather Channel and Starcom MediaVest Group will now have access to national viewing information broken out by commercial minutes and delivered weekly.

Several other companies have also seen a viable business in providing new research.
MediaCheck hopes to rollout its measurement boxes this early this summer. There launch plan places equipment in 35,000 homes covering 4 to 7 U.S. cities to see how viewers respond to ads for both live and (DVR) recorded programs. The tool will produce daily ratings of TV ads and will tally of how many people are watching or skipping, ultimately enabling advertisers to quickly determine whether spots should be pulled or switched to other time slots. Upstart firm IAG Research is able to determine which ads are watched most attentively (Based on daily Internet surveys). IAG CEO Alan Gould says, "The new currency is measuring engagement." Seems like television is on its way to becoming as accountable as the Internet.
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