Sunday, January 29, 2006

Spotlight on Spot Runner

In the late '80's Cable ad sales veterans built a business bringing smaller businesses to embrace TV advertising. They did their best to eliminate the barriers that daunted most small business owners and kept them from utilizing TV as an effective advertising medium. As their ad business matured through the development of market wide interconnects and industry consolidation the operations eventually become much like what you would find at the typical TV broadcast station. Today both groups compete for a share of same dollars from the “big” advertisers and the cable operators have lost their roots (for the most part) with the small retail advertisers. Enter Spot Runner, a start-up is aiming to change that. They have developed a unique self-serve, web-based ad-buying system for TV. Think AdWords, but for TV ads.Headquartered in Los Angeles, Spot Runner, Inc. is a privately held, Internet-based ad agency that makes it easy and affordable for local businesses to advertise on TV. Its revolutionary approach gives local businesses the ability to advertise on cable and local TV by making commercial production, media planning and media buying services fast, easy and affordable. The entire process is automated online, making it cost effective for even the smallest of businesses to use.The service works like this: The local business owner goes to the Spot Runner site, picks a business category and then chooses from among thousands of generic, pre-taped video ads. Each ad comes with pre-written voice-over text that can be customized. Once the business has picked an ad, it tells Spot Runner how much it wants to spend on air time and which media markets it wants the ad to run in. Spot Runner comes back with a media plan. It then completes the production work of the customized ad, buys the air-time and gets the video into the hands of all the pertinent networks. Later, it sends the advertiser a report of where all the ads ran and when. Visit Spot Runner online at More on this topic – Link: MediaPost Jan 13, ’06 – New Agency Sells TV Ads via the Internet Digg Story

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