Monday, February 06, 2006

Advertising Uprfont for VOD

Today, most VOD advertising is sold on a cost-per-impression basis and several companies in the industry are looking to change the current pricing models and are leading the way towards having their own advertising upfront this spring. Anime Network, RipeTV and Music Choice are trying to develop a separate upfront for the VOD marketplace this spring their network execs say it would establish much needed advertising standards, something advertisers may not be so eager to do. Today’s undefined buying practices provide marketers more freedom and flexibility to generate more bang for their buck. "Currently there are great inefficiencies in the ITV/on-demand advertising marketplace” said Rob Aksman, director of creative development for BrightLine Partners, an ITV and on-demand marketing firm. He believes that by having a range of pricing models means VOD programmers and operators are competing with each other for advertiser dollars, and that would be good for the advertiser. Link: Feb 06, 2006 - On-Demand Nets vie for own Ad Meet

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