Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Expo TV luring Local Advertisers to VOD

Adelphia has implemented a new strategy for the emerging advertising opportunity in long-form video-on-demand commercials. Expo TV, (a VOD programming service) in partnership with Adelphia Media Services, has launched a nationwide effort to attract local advertisers to on-demand advertising by offering them exposure to its consumer audience. The network’s local advertising program allows cable operators to combine Expo TV's targeted consumer audience with their local on-demand platform, resulting in an improved level of support to sell and deliver a sustainable local on-demand audience.

"Reaching consumers when they're shopping or doing product research is a compelling proposition for our clients”, said Tom Feary, vice president of marketing at Adelphia Media Services. To participate in the opportunity on Expo TV through Adelphia Media Services, local advertisers buy a bundled package of VOD inventory within Expo's consumer categories and spots promoting the VOD content. Expo provides graphical and hosted 'wrappers' to introduce the local advertisers' content to create a consistent look and feel. The local advertisers are integrated into Expo's national categories while also being featured in a special "local city" category in each market.

Expo TV is currently available in over 4 million on-demand homes through cable distribution partners including Adelphia, Charter Communications, Insight Communications and Bresnan Communications. Link:
TVWeek Feb 27, ’06 – On-Demand Ads: Expotv is Adelphia’s new Tack

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