Thursday, February 23, 2006

News Corp. to Launch New Network

I wish I could pick stocks as easily as it was to see this news coming. Mere weeks after UPN and WB announced plans to consolidate the WB & UPN into one healthier "fifth" network, News Corp. is launching a new sixth broadcast network. The new network, dubbed My Network TV, fills a prime-time programming void for stations jilted by the merger into CW, and leverages a powerful new News Corp. asset: wildly popular online community Links: MediaDaily News Feb 23, ’06 – News Corporation Does it ‘My’ Launches New 6th Network also BusinessWeek Feb 22, ’06 – A New Fox Network with a Twist and New York Times Feb 22, ’06 – News Corp Creates new Network for Orphaned Affiliates
PAST SMM Post: Feb 7, ’06 – Competition on the Horizon for CNBC from News Corp also Jan 24 ’06 – UPN + WB = CW

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