Thursday, March 30, 2006

66% of the Online Video Audience Watch the Ads as Well

According to a new study by the Online Publishers Association and Frank N. Magid Associates, Video news clips draw the largest audience with 27% of viewers watching news clips at least once a week. This is followed closely by 26% who watch funny videos (once a week), overall 5% are view video daily, 24% view it once a week and 46% are watching once a month.

Although the number of consumers which current click to view video online routinely is low, that number is growing and the study point out that those consumers are engaged with advertising as well. Of the U.S. online population, 66% percent have seen an online video ad, and 29% have acted on what they’ve seen. It's a rich environment for advertisers, with online video advertising being viewed regularly and leading to specific actions. Link:
Online Publishers Association – From Early Adoption to Common Practice: A Primer on Online Video Viewing also AdAge 03/20/06 – Audience for Online Video Growing Rapidly

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