Monday, March 20, 2006

DVR Coupon Campaign a Success for KFC

Consumers responded to a recent KFC ad that, when slowed down with the aid of a DVR, gave a code viewers could use to get a coupon for a free sandwich. Although ABC decided not to air the spot, claiming that the ad contained subliminal advertising, KFC reported that the ad was a success. Approximately 103,000 people claimed their "Buffalo Snacker" prize sandwich, and that traffic to the KFC Web site spiked 40% during the run of the promotion. Link: WSJ Mar 20, ’06 – KFC seems to win at game of Chicken

1 comment:

  1. Advertising at its finest. I mean really. You place a few frames on a DVR and here we are reading about KFC on a adv/tech blog. Good for them, they got people talking about KFC and a big Kudos to the advertising agency. Now maybe they can spend some time in the kitchen and and make some decent food.