Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March Madness Live on the Web

CBS Corporation announced it would broadcast live the first-ever free webcast of the NCAA's men's basketball tournament this month. The network's March Madness on Demand will allow fans to register at and watch any game that is not being broadcast by their local CBS affiliate. Major Sporting events have been shown on the Net in the past however the audiences have always been limited. This year Executives at CBS believe that small web audiences will be a thing of the an a major turning point for webcasting since the Webcast is free and is fully sponsored. They believe that base on recent record web traffic for the Superbowl it could draw the biggest online viewership ever. Advertisers must be intrigued, currently CBS has 20 sponsors for the Webcast. Link: BusinessWeek Mar 13,'06 - March Madness: CBS's Killer App

1 comment:

  1. TV companies need to do more of this, much more often.

    Why can't you have internet viewing geared commercials?

    And why would not viewing numbers be easier to calculate instead of Neilsen Diaries?

    And why can't I watch anything from anywhere anyway? I hate local territories stuff.