Friday, March 31, 2006

NCAA Web action wins big for CBS & Advertisers

The majority of games in this years big tournament have been played out and as always there were it’s share of upsets and big surprises. No matter the outcome of the final game, the Ratings indicate that the CBS Sportsline webcast of the 2006 NCAA tournament pulled in more than twice as many online viewers as the network promised advertisers. Sponsors of the free webcasts appear more than pleased with the turnout, with Pontiac, for one, reporting "at least a 10% to 15%" spike in traffic to its Web site. Link: BusinessWeek 03/30/06 - CBS's Slam Dunk on the Web Past SMM Posts: 03/27/06 - Online Demand for CBS's NCAA Tournament Surpasses Capacity and 03/08/06 - March Madness Live on the Web

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