Monday, March 27, 2006

Online Demand for CBS's NCAA Tournament Surpasses Capacity

If the numbers are any indicator, CBS SportsLine says its Internet broadcast of the Division I men's NCAA basketball tournament is a blowout. Their early projection about high demand demand for their online NCAA tournament games has been confirmed now that millions of online users turned out to view the first four rounds of the NCAA tournament. The bad news is that the network was unprepared for the crush, resulting in many viewers missing out on the coverage and waiting lists of up to 120,000 fans. Fortunately, CBS's conservative capacity estimate also helped it make its ad impressions guarantee for its 15 sponsors and avoid a make-good situation. Link: Advertising Age 03/27/06 - Viewers Mob CBS Online NCAA Coverage Past SMM Posts: 03/08/06 - March Madness Live on the Web

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