Monday, March 13, 2006

RSS-Embedded Ads

Cnet Networks has started running ad units embedded with RSS feeds, allowing advertisers to display real-time information to Web users. E! Entertainment television is the first advertiser to use the tool, which Cnet says it will make available for all Interactive Advertising Bureau ad units on 15 of the Web sites in its network. E!'s ad reads "What do you want to know about Hollywood?" and then displays headlines on a ticker at the bottom of the ad. Users can click on the actual stories that scroll across the bottom, which opens a new window to the story on E! Online. Cnet claims RSS-embedded ads allow advertisers to optimize their ad campaigns in real time at much lower production costs, and expects more marketers to use the tool to promote their RSS feeds. For example, a Cnet marketing executive said a food manufacturer might use the RSS feeds to highlight a new recipe every day, or an apparel company might use it to highlight seasonal fashions. The use of RSS in ad units could become a serious marketing trend: Reuters has used RSS feeds to place news headlines inside Diet Coke ads, and British Airways used RSS feeds to keep price quotes in ads fresh. Link: Adweek Mar 13 '06 - Cnet adds RSS Ad Units

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