Monday, April 24, 2006

Local Broadcasters Real Threat

Terry Heaton is widely regarded as an innovator and a keen observer of life. He is a self-professed student of the media, postmodernism, and people. You will find his approach to today's industry challenges separates his work from other New Media specialists. He has written another of his must-read (for broadcasters) essays, this one a follow-up to Investing in a Local Future. He writes that it ...
... examines the battle for the soul of the "local" franchise for media companies. As broadcasters gather in Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters annual meeting, they do so with what I believe is a false sense of understanding about what's tearing their business model apart. The disruption isn't multiple platforms from which to sell their wares; it's the Personal Media Revolution -- as Glenn Reynolds so beautifully puts it, "The triumph of personal technology over mass technology" -- and beneath it, the increasing drain on local advertising money by outsiders...
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