Thursday, April 27, 2006

Podcast Advertising

Since the end of last year there has been a lot of talk about podcast advertising. Podtrac and Rocketboom auctioned off commercial time and Podbridge and others launched businesses to support the new future medium. Despite all the buzz, Ad Age reports the Web's newest industry lacks direction and established players. Varying reports say anywhere between 5 and 10 million people have downloaded podcasts; eMarketer claims regular listeners--those who download at least one podcast per week--number about 3 million per week and for the future, projections vary widely. So you ask, how many are actually listening and who are they? For the time being those questions and many others remain unanswered and the big money mainstream marketers are on the sidelines waiting this one out. Link: 04/27/06 – Few Compete to Settle Podcasting’s Wild West and 04/27/06 – Podcast ads: Silence is not golden

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  1. In the latest in our series of analysis of the Technology Poll, we found that of all of the new media tested – satellite radio, Internet streaming, text messaging, video games – the sharpest growth belongs to iPods and similar MP3 players. The iPod (and similar portable devices) has become a pop culture phenomenon, rapidly becoming a dynamic force in the way that music (and other content) is being purchased and consumed. Podcast Advertising will be a big Business!