Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Time Warner considers Google’s AdSense Model for VOD ad sales

Many cable operators are experimenting with a variety of advertising pricing models for VOD however one thing that they all agree on is that taking the traditional CPM path for long-form VOD is absolutely the wrong way to go. According to a story on Reuters, Time Warner Cable is considering a plan to create an ad-auctioning system for its VOD services. The program, which would mimic Google's AdSense system for Web sites, would let advertisers bid online to targeted ads at viewers with specific viewing habits. The move is another sign of how the TV industry is borrowing and improving upon some of the most lucrative practices of the Internet. Link: Reuters.com 04/10/06 - Time Warner Cable mulls TV ad auctions Past SMM Postings: 02/09/06 – VOD Viewership, 02/06/06 – Advertising Upfront for VOD, 12/22/05 – Will VOD Kill the DVR, 10/14/05 – VOD News

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