Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cable Television Advertising - A Guide for the Radio Marketer

Attention Cable Ad Sales groups… your competitors are getting wiser. Remember the good years before you had ever made it on their radars? That time has long since gone and you’re in the cross hairs. Interep has released a new research report on cable advertising to help radio sales people better understand and sell competitively against an advertising medium that has been averaging 14% annual growth since 2003. The report points out that while cable television has seen strong audience growth over the past decade, ad revenue growth is outpacing the organic growth of the medium. This growth is more remarkable considering some of the challenges facing cable, including the growing pervasiveness of DVR’s, viewing fragmentation, and the increasing popularity of satellite dish services, which do not carry local cable advertisements. The report also outlines the complementary marketing benefits that radio brings to cable television campaigns, including local promotional tie-ins, events, the ability to reach consumers outside of the home and increased reach.

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