Monday, May 08, 2006

The opposite of Ad Skipping - Ad's On Demand

DVR vendor/service provider, TiVo, which helped popularize DVR technology among the general public, making it possible for TV viewers to skip commercials, thinks it has a new way to get customers to watch ads. TiVo is launching Product Watch, a VOD service that enables advertisers to reach TiVo subscribers who are actively looking for specific products through targeted video advertising content. The ads/shows will range in length from a minute to an hour and will from over 70 advertisers and around 100 major brands. Companies that have signed up for TiVo Product Watch at launch include General Motors, Sony Pictures, Lending Tree and Kraft Foods, each of which, TiVo says, will be the "premium" advertiser for its respective category. Link(s): Zatz Not Funny Blog – Tivo Launches Product Watch, CigaOM Blog – TiVo’s Adwords for Tivo, – Tivo Users can soon search for Ads

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