Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Video AdSence - Google's version of Online Video Ads

Google had entered the lucrative online video ad market by distributing commercials for movie studios and other marketers to its AdSense network of online publishers, which will share in the revenues. "A certain segment of advertisers have told us that they want richer and more engaging messaging capability," said Gokul Rajaram, product management director of Google's AdSense program. This new addition to their product offerings is part of an initiative by Google’s management to diversify revenue and position the company better for the future. The pricing will be base on an auction system similar to the model they utilize for text ads. Links: San Francisco Chronicle May 23, ’06 –Google will offer video ads, AdAge.com May 23, ’06 – Google Adds Video Capability to AdSense

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  1. Google is seeking to take the pay-per-click model it refined for text ads and apply the approach to video. This takes television advertising and puts it on the web in style. Bye Bye TV as we know it.