Sunday, June 18, 2006

Can Political Spending help bring in the Budget this Year?

According to a recent Kagan Research report, local cable advertising revenues grew just 3% in the first quarter (trailing the 11% revenue gains estimated for national ad-supported cable networks). Most broadcast groups are feeling a similar pain however they have more experience in handling slowing revenue growth. If your pacing behind its getting late so don’t miss one of this years greatest opportunities – Political - particularly if you're located in a political jurisdiction which is considered to be in play - - a number which seems to be increasing on almost a daily basis.

Even without a presidential race, the 2006 political advertising market is roaring. Candidates and issue-oriented groups have spent $440 million on advertising through early June. That’s $110 million more than political advertisers spent in 2004 through the same date. Overall, U.S. political ad spending is projected to top $1 billion overall, most of it flowing over broadcast and cable TV outlets. What is the catalysis driving 2006’s growth: 36 races for state governor.

Television will account for close to 85% of all political spending, helping the industry make up for the defection of some other ad categories to new-media outlets and Spot cable should get a strong share of spending from U.S. House and Senate races believed to be “in play”. In these markets it is very important to do all of your ground work on these accounts now because TNS Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group projects that more than 90% of the dollars will flow over the final 60 days of campaigning.

All indications are that the final total on political in 2006 will blow away that spent in any other mid-term in history, and will probably blow away most of the presidential years. The balls in your court!!

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