Thursday, July 27, 2006

MRI: DVR User's Watching Less

How has the DVR impacted your households’ television viewing habits? In mine, it has turned it on its head. The biggest surprise for me was seeing how quickly my 11 and 7 year old embraced the technology. Are we consuming more television because of it? I doubt it and new research has emerged that agrees with my feeling. A highly regarded media researcher's findings contradict the networks' insistence that DVR users watch more television. Although households with DVRs tend to watch fewer hours of TV than those without the devices, they also tend to be heavy users of the Internet and readers of magazines and newspapers, according to the spring 2006 report from Mediamark Research Inc. Links: MediaWeek 07/26/06 – MRI: DVR Owners Bulk up on Print, Web or Media Daily News 07/27/06 – New Data that suggests DVR users watch less, not more

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