Friday, July 28, 2006

New "Clip Culture" Causes Advertisers to Panic

Why you ask? Because they're not involved and the online video craze that's taken the Web by storm has trickled into the mainstream. 20 million visitors per month is now the traffic that YouTube is attracting with the average visitor spending two and a half minutes viewing each video. Unfortunately (as reported in the 07/17 Post – Monetizing YouTube and MySpace’s Monster Traffic), YouTube, has yet devised a way to make much revenue from this massive traffic. If the viral video site (and its 240 followers) could attract ad dollars, online video would be the business to be involved in right now. But where and when do you place advertisements? YouTube CEO and co-founder Chad Hurley points out, Google created advertising that helped the user experience--and he intends to do the same with YouTube. Michael Robertson, the founder of, says it's inevitable there will be ads on YouTube. I agree and believe that their best option is to sell sponsorships to each of the 40 user-generated channels. Link: MarketWatch 07/27/06 – You Tube’s ‘Clip Culture’

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