Tuesday, September 12, 2006

PlaceBased Television to Generate Revenues of $1.2B in 2006

Digital out-of-home networks are popping up everywhere from high-rise elevators to gas station pumps to public rest rooms, creating new places and states of mind for marketers to reach their consumer and business prospects. The new networks, a subset of the outdoor media industry is sometimes referred to as place-based television. The growth is being spurred by a combination of entrepreneurial zeal from venue operators looking to tap the fast-growing advertising sector, as well as from increasing demand form advertisers and agencies seeking alternatives to traditional media. Marketers are gravitating to the new medium because of it’s ability to deliver conventional sight, sound and motion advertising that big TV advertisers have grown accustomed to, as well as their ability to deliver an extremely relevant message to consumers at a decisive moment in their purchase cycle. According to a new report released by marketing consultants Profitable Channels, approximately 700 digital out-of-home networks have launched since 2002 and they are estimated to account for $1.2 billion in national ad spending this year. Links: MediaDailyNews.com 09/12/06 – Digital Ad Boom shifting from Online to Out-Of-Home

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