Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Charlotte Climbs the Chart

Ok, this is hedonistic but what the heck since I made Charlotte, NC my home base in 2001 I feel it only right to comment on good advertising news about my fair city. Shoot, I know my friends at the local radio stations are pleased. Charlotte has been a growth market since before my family arrived it has moved on up the Nielsen DMA list from #29 in '01 to bumping out San Diego CA this year for the number 26 position. Arbitron has measured the market very differently however that is all set to change this Fall when their new market rankings come out. According to the Charlotte Observer, the market is getting credit for the population in four fringe North Carolina counties and two more in South Carolina, an infusion of almost 400K fresh bodies which will take the market's 12+ count all the way to 1.8M. More importantly, it will allow the city to leap all the way from #33 to #25 on the market ranking chart (ADI). This change is very significant and could result in an additional $3M in national advertising revenue coming into the market (now will be included in buys for the top 25 mkts). Obviously this change on the radio side will make the Arbitron configuration more congruent with the Nielsen DMA definition. Based on current population grow estimates Nielsen is expected to move Charlotte up a notch to #25 by next year. On a side note, the radio market currently occupying #25 and expected to be elbowed aside is Riverside-San Bernardino CA LA is my past stomping grounds).


  1. Steve Miller (too)6/06/2007 01:31:00 PM

    I'm a Steve Miller too, and blogging also, not too far from you in Kershaw, SC. Nice to see more SM musings on the web

  2. Welcome to SMM Steve. I don't have many opportunities to post items that are local and still in the topics that I cover. Whats the name of your blpg? Let me know and I'll drop by.

    Thanks, -SM

  3. Wow! it's been a long time since I dropped by to see that you responded to my comment. Sorry Steve. My site is www.millervillage.wordpress.com