Friday, June 22, 2007

Clients Creative Changes with the Temperature on Digital Signage Network

It may not be changing water into wine but it a ingenious way to utilize common technology to deliver a very creative approach to timely copy changes. This summer when temperatures in southern Ontario exceed 20 degrees Celcius and people are primed to want a cool beverage, a digital video board ad campaign for California’s Leaping Horse wines is programmed to display an ad for their cool, white Chardonnay wine.

Outdoor Broadcasting Network ’s (OBN), is a Canadian media company that markets the largest network of LED video boards in Country. They have come up with this cleaver idea and have developed and deployed a new technology which programs weather triggers into a video board campaign so that creative will change from Leaping Horse’s Merlot red wine (when the temperature is under 20C) to Chardonnay when it gets above 20C. This provides Lifford Wine Agency (the wine agent for Leaping Horse in the province of Ontario) with a terrific way to target consumers when they may be more receptive to one wine choice over another.

The campaign starts in mid June and will run in Toronto, Hamilton and Cambridge. Production was handled in-house by OBN who took static OOH ads and created full motion video spots. Digital signage networks are turning up everywhere these days and leveraging technology to create
unique advertising solutions that engage viewers will help the emerging industry win many future loyal clients.

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