Friday, June 01, 2007

TV viewing on Mobile Devices will Skyrocket

In Europe in August 2005, Nokia sponsored a survey asking people who had experience a mobile TV trial what they thought of it. It turned out that those people were quite simple amazed. They had found a cure for boredom. Effectively, that is the biggest drive they have identified for mobile TV and its usage pattern which shows in the four or five trails that have surveyed their customers. None the less the number of people watching TV shows like “The Simpsons” on their bus ride to work is about to explode. A new report by independent market analyst for London based Datamonitor predicts that by 2012, the number of people worldwide using cell phones and other handheld devices to watch broadcast TV will have grown from 4.4 million to 155.6 million. The Asia Pacific region will account for nearly half of subscribers with 76.3 million; Europe is forecast to have 42.7 million and the U.S. 35.6 million. The report says 2007 is a critical year for the technology but warned that broadcast video content will have to adapt to both user consumption habits and handset functionality. It also says providers must ensure their systems are flexible so they can adapt to multiple formats and technical differences with others. Otherwise, these differences may contribute to slow uptake in the service. Link: TV June 1, 2007 – 155 Million Mobile TV Users by 2012

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