Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Screening of America - The Battle Begins in Offices

Yesterday I read a brief article about The Wall Street Journal's OOH office signage network expanding from thier current lobby locations, into office building elevators. This is the first big push that I have noticed between competing OOH Digital signage companies for real estate. This has been Gannett's Captivate Networks turf up until now and the battle should be be interesting. Well the second salvo has apparently been fired with MediaDaily Post reporting this morning that... "In a sign that the office media marketplace is expanding and growing more competitive, Gannett Co.'s Captivate Network this morning unveiled plans to expand its digital video screens beyond its core base of elevators in high-rise office buildings in major markets to also include low-rise buildings and office parks in important suburban areas. Unlike the high-rise buildings, provide a significant amount of programming and advertising "dwell time" to workers riding elevators, the new Captivate Suburban Network will feature digital video screens in lobby areas, or in the blank wall spaces situated between elevator banks."... Link: July 24, 2007 Captivate Expands beyond the Elevators, Will Blurb the Burbs

Thursday, July 19, 2007

PRN and NBCU Partner to sell Ads

Premier Retail Network - creator of the world's largest OOH in-store media network has announced an agreement with NBC Universal. For some time, NBCU has provided programming to PRN and bought space on its networks, which include channels in Wal-Mart and Costco. The new deal will allow it to sell ads to select marketers on PRN's network that's available at supermarket checkout counters. The synergies between the two partners should be strong because NBCU O&O Stations fit nicely with PRN's "Supermarket Checkout TV" 1,000 plus store locations. Link: MediaDaily News - July 19 '07 - In-Store Reach: NBCU joins with PRN

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Google's Ad FootPrint Grows

More than two years after first testing the sale of magazine ads, Google's print ad program has left beta and now allows AdWords advertisers to place ads in more than 225 newspapers across the United States. Google began testing the newspaper ad auction for a small group of advertisers last November with roughly 70 newspaper partners, including The Washington Post and The New York Times. Late Tuesday, the company said it will open the program to the "hundreds of thousands" of U.S. advertisers and agencies that use its online ad platform and increased the number of participating papers to cover most of the country’s most populous areas. Link: AdAge.com July 17, 2007 - Google Print Ads Now Used by 225 Newspapers.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Interactive OOH Ad Campaign Launches in Las Vegas

At Monster Media they state that their mission is to be the leading alternative media company. Those are big shoes to fill in today embryonic digital signage business however they are certainly leading the pack and helping the industry to stretch it’s creative and technological limits. To date they have released three applications that allow people to directly interact with large projected ads using only body movements. Yesterday Travelzoo announced a partnership with them and unveiled a campaign that will create interactive place-based displays in Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport. The interactive "What's the Deal with Travelzoo?" campaign encourages travelers to participate in the advertisements. The 8’x20’ real time projected images will show travel deals and allow airport guest to directly interact with the brand. Link: View images and video of the advertisements