Friday, January 25, 2013


Video streaming solutions start-up Ooyala has launched a new product called Twitter Video Card, which it actually developed in collaboration with Twitter. Twitter Video Card allows Ooyala customers to embed videos directly inside their tweets. It shows up as a thumbnail in the Twitter stream, which followers can click on to play without having to leave the social media site. Since Ooyala worked with Twitter on the Twitter Video Card, the product has received official certification from the social media company. This means the embedded videos will be accessible across all Twitter platforms, including its desktop and mobile websites, as well as its native apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Congrats to both ESPN and Pac-12 for launching this innovative video technology. When TV broadcasters deliver video directly to their Twitter followers, they connect with viewers in new and meaningful ways. They are also redefining the television experience by making it mobile, social and fun. Check out the customized look and feel of the Pac-12 player, tucked inside a tweet.

According to Ooyala release, the Twitter Video Card is also armed with the company's proprietary video discovery technology, which will algorithmically surface relevant videos once a user has finished watching a particular clip. Using Pac-12 as an example, the Ooyala player within the tweet will be able to recommend a post-game press conference clip to a user who has just watched highlights from that game. For advertisers, Ooyala notes that Twitter Video Cards will be able to tie ads (presumably pre-rolls) to the embedded videos.

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