Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year and Welcome back

Wow! 2013... who woulda thunk? I've disappeared from the blogosphere since mid '08 and while I've been crisscrossing the globe while working with AccuWeather I never kept up with my Musings! Well, obviously... I'm back. The past five years have gone by quickly and from a technology perspective they have been game-changing. Fortunately in my position heading Global sales for all things Television, Video and Convergence I got a front row view and the ability to work with companies large and small that are changing (or hoping too) the way and places that we choose to view content. In the five years I've been a wicked road warrior thee link between mobile devices and internet websites via "social networking" have become a standard in digital communication. In 2010, 2 billion people used the Internet, twice the number using it in 2005. Cloud computing has entered the mainstream in and in a very short while tablets and phones are expected to exceed personal computers in Internet usage. It's a big new world and an exciting time to be in the media and content business. Lot's to talk about so let’s get right to it! Welcome Back....

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