Thursday, February 21, 2013

Betsy Morgan, President & Chief Strategy Officer TheBlaze

Betsy Morgan and I met back earlier in her career when she was SVP of CBS Interactive. She's built an outstanding track record and has experienced a lot since then spending the majority of her time in the "wild west" times of the digital age's new video landscape. Currently she is the president of TheBlaze (Glenn Beck's media company). A network that's "blazing" (pun intended) new trails in today's cross-media multi-platform world. Today there is no longer a one-size fits all model; rather what's needed is a flexible approach that serves consumers however and whenever they want to access content. She believes that the big problem with legacy media companies is that they’re trying to preserve audience. By choosing to protect particular businesses at the expense of experimenting with new models those content provider will ultimately be the ones that will ultimately lose.

This morning I ran across this insightful interview of her at NAPTE done by Will Richmond @ Take a look: Conversation with The Blaze's Betsy Morgan

UPDATE 05/02/13 - Cablevision, beginning late this month, will add Glenn Beck's online channel TheBlaze to its Optimum TV lineup. Cablevision, which has about 3 million customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, is the biggest provider to program Beck's channel, which launched an effort in March to gain carriage on pay-TV systems. The New York Times - Cablevision Picks Up Glenn Beck’s Internet Channel by Brian Stelter

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