Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Facebook vs. Twitter in the battle over Media Exposure

It looks like Facebook is going back into the ring in the fight for television exposure with Twitter. On Monday the company released two new conversation search tools designed to give news, sporting, TV entertainment organizations and marketers more insight into the real-time social conversation occurring on Facebook.  This effort is part of a partnership they have with tech company Mass Relevance to help its media clients utilize the new tools. As reported here in an earlier post, with Facebook having also launched hashtag support to unify topical conversations, along with testing trending topics, it not be far-fetched to believe that producers would gladly utilize these tools to integrate discussions that people are saying right into their shows. Certainly for some, importing user comments from Facebook could be a welcome improvement over Twitter since there aren’t any character limitations. Will viewers be open to hearing more significant discussions instead of trying to interpret the statement based on 140 characters? Time will tell.

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