Sunday, September 22, 2013

Online Video Viewing on the Rise

According to Nielsen’s 2013 OTT Video Analysis, released last week September, viewers are streaming video at a breakneck pace - up 38% year over year, largely direct by the rapid growth of tablets and smartphones.  The data also surfaced details that some 38% of Americans are users or subscribers to Netflix, 18% are Hulu users (including 6% who subscribe to Hulu Plus) and 13% are Amazon Prime Instant Video users. The report also found that 88% of Netflix customers and 70% of Hulu Plus customers are binge users who stream three or more episodes of the same TV series in one day. This new ability to watch multiple episodes or even entire seasons of certain programs in one sitting is shifting the way viewers consume content and demonstrating incredible binge appetites for programming available anytime and anywhere on services such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. MORE: 09/18/13 - "Binging" is the New Viewing for Over-The-Top Streamers

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