Wednesday, September 04, 2013

TV's, Bluerays & STB's... Watching You!

In what is said to be the first global study on smart TV ad effectiveness, research from smartclip and LG Electronics has revealed that customer demand for connected TV is opening a "booming" platform for advertisers. Why you ask, because television, STB's and blueray manufacturers are beginning to produce devices that contain digital sleuthing technology that tracks the live and recorded programs that viewers choose. Knowing details about what an individual is watching could better pinpoint which ads to display, opening the door to new ad revenue

Leading the charge on the technology side company's like Cognitive and Gracenote are working with the manufactures to integrate the software into the various platforms. In a interview with Bloomberg earlier this week Cognitive chief Michael Collette stated that the software could provide manufacturers with annual revenue that would boost the one-time-only amount of around 5 percent that they make on the sale of a TV set, which averages around $4. The 4 bucks they make on a set, they can at least double with the $5 they may make a year from the new recurring revenue.

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